I’m an Individual / Influencer

Wanting 100k followers on Instagram is great. But why?

Does it automatically mean you’ll be more valuable to brands as an ambassador? Unlikely, if you don’t have a purpose or a specific engaged audience.

It’s important to educate yourself on what social media mean for you and why you voice is unique.

While you don’t need to necessarily write it down (although it definitely helps), I’ll help you determine your how you to content, what it should be, and what topics you’ll steer away from, no matter how tempting they may be.

What does good content look like for you?

If you build a clear plan to gain a new following and have expectations of what you want them to do, you’ll be more valuable as your own brand.

Before starting, I like to go through a mini checklist & build a template for your brand to thrive online. I find it helpful to ask a set of questions and use as a framework for everything you do on social / online.

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