Here is a selection of my campaigns & creative produced:

Pass The Mic IG Feed

Long form content for IGTV.

Behind the Scenes.

Not Another Arsenal Podcast

Reg Yates on TikTok

Activia Instagram Grid

Unilever Food Solutions:
Food Service Industry

Personal Branding, Social & PR Management: Marvin Ambrosius

To help tie together Marvin’s individual brand & separate him from his business, I’ve been working on his personal branding. This is to ensure that he is searchable, and stands out from other industry experts sharing the same space. While involved with appearances such as on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, crafting responses, statements and avoiding conflict in the notifications so that Marvin can do what he does best.

Short Films: I Am Series
Social Marketing Campaign

To support the launch of a brand new film series, we needed to created buzz and intrigue for a the launch of it debut short ‘I Am Joseph’, and the follow up I Am Pilate. I created short social content & engaging feed posts to drive people to watch the trailer to build up to the release.

This also included running an awareness campaign across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

One Minute Briefs: Creative

One minute briefs promote brands & causes via social media by challenging their creative community on Twitter to respond with instinctive ideas to daily advertising briefs, rewarding the best entries.

The Power Of 10p: Understanding Campaign

Young people aged 21-28 weren’t interested in smart meters and research had shown general apathy for any mention of energy bills. We wanted to create a way for smart meters to be relevant, but also to drive home what exactly measuring bills in £s and pence means in interesting ways.

We created The Power of 10p, a campaign involving a series of challenges that focus on how much 10p of energy is. Driven by Google insights, we picked the passion points Beauty, Tech, Live Music Events & Food. We also used familiar faces such as presenter Maya Jama & social media influencers to help increase interest and drive the reach of the campaign.

The campaign clocked up over 6M combined views across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat, and has has passed it’s goal of reaching our desired audience with under benchmark CPM.

Supporting tweets:

Ainsley’s 10p Cooks: Supporting Content

We aimed to leverage the power of the meme using Ainsley Harriott, and create a snappy social media content for a the 21-28 year old audience delivering a smart meter message.

The main purpose of these videos was to support the Power of 10p campaign. The videos have been viewed over 9M times on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Smart Meter VS…

We had an issue of key smart meter facts not being picked up by our target audience. The solution was to create close up content involving tech products to draw in a tech savvy viewer, and share key understanding messages. This resulted in high engagement rates and uplift in brand & understanding recall.

This was also shown in the negative messages about the posts, with comments quoting back our understanding messages despite not liking the delivery. Even the haters took home our message, which is all we could have wanted.

Energy Readings, With Less Dad: Seasonal Content

Based on the insight that over the holiday period, younger people (Adults aged under 30) tend to regress while back under the same roof as their parents.

We wanted to highlight the absurd nature of interfering parents while delivering a smart meter message. The collection of 3 videos have been viewed just under 4M times on YouTube alone.

They also had an engagement rate on Instagram of 41%, double that of the industry benchmark of 20% for content of the same length.

The Gaz & Leccys: Awareness Campaign

Won BEST AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN @ UK Social Media Communications Awards

People in the UK didn’t know who Gaz & Leccy were or what they related to. We wanted to achieve a way of making them ‘famous’ while keeping the focus on energy usage and still making it entertaining for a digital audience.

So solve this, we created a mock award ‘The Gaz & Leccys’ to encourage people to call out their housemates for their energy wasting behaviour. To date, 3M people have engaged with the campaign on Facebook / 250k on Twitter and the mentions of energy behaviour for that month were 600% higher than usual in the UK.

I organised influencers of varied sizes to help give the campaign momentum on Twitter based around their popularity & tie ins to recent news where possible.

Supporting Influencer tweets:

The Estimation Game: Amplification Campaign

The first TV advert highlighting estimation in energy bills was being shown in a premier slot of the Britains Got Talent Final. We wanted to have a way of building engagement with an online audience that would be ‘second screening’ (using a device while watching television) during the final.

We created The Estimation Game, which asked people to guess the cost of items heading over a conveyor belt to win a prize & targeted people talking about & interested in BGT. The result was over 6k entries and a reach of over 10M people in the UK.

Gaz & Leccy @ The Oscars: Reactive Content

I created a bank of content that could be used in various scenarios related to energy use and mischief where our characters Gaz & Leccy could be inserted into the conversation reactively.

These included award seasons and events, sporting and athletic events, TV glitches, cooking show mishaps etc. The confusion of best picture at the 2017 Oscars proved a perfect instance of reacting to this and using one of our designs. A fast turn around on using this lead to 1.5k likes and over 100 shares of our content.

The audience responses reacted how we expected to the ‘mini campaign’ with a general enthusiasm.