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One of the reasons I love living at this time is that technology, sometimes, creates for us opportunities to share thoughts, feelings and emotions in ways that were previously held tight in our minds and tucked away in our deep dark places. They still exist there, but when we have the urge or need to explore those feelings or thoughts, we have a conduit to share and express them.

What am I going on about? Music means so much to use because there are times a song, an arrangement of words and chords in a defined order, seem to touch closer to our inner thoughts than our conscious thought (what we think and wrongly refer to as us) can.

Life and experience has led me to find music that I know, love and gives me a sense of feeling. Music streaming has led me to discover that these songs can be linked in a single place and added to with similar song arrangements and tones.

Below is a playlist I’ve added to slowly and feel that in some songs is deeply attached to part of my mind that at times I try earnestly to connect with, or tearfully detach myself from. In this moment I felt the need to share. Why? No idea. Blame it on my temporary state of mind.

Feeling brave? Direct message me yours => @TomPaisley

a temporary state of mind or feeling.

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