Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, that I love Instagram

I’ve spent a lot of today wandering around London to engage my creativity.

Mainly to clear the mind and refocus. What I’ve discovered is the beauty London has, something I seem to rediscover every year come the spring/summer season. To capture and cling on the moments of beauty that I experienced, my first port of call was my smart phone camera, to then post my images to the world via social media.

This got me thinking about the concept of social media use in cities to capture images. The rise of usage of social media to share photos can be evident ally seen. The £500m takeover of Instagram by Facebook is chief example.

What is it that we love about images, especially of our beautiful city landscapes that we are drawn to capture?

Seeing something so close to home, something that can be so easily taken for granted in all its beauty is something we can’t help stop and reflect on even if just for a moment, and absorb.

For me, the sense of belonging to a community, a vibrant community of people privileged to live in a beautiful city involves me at a deeper level with the images I view of London.

During the London 2012 Olympics, this sense of community was played on by the various advertising campaigns in the build up to the games. Many of which encouraged people to take to social media and share images and posts that connected us to our human sense of community and feeling part of something bigger.

How can we transfer this into our business campaigns?

For any campaigns on social media that we become part of, the importance of thinking about how our business aims can best connect to the customer is a key part in:

1. Improving customer engagement

2. Invoking a sense of action, either to be involved by liking, following, sharing or by purchasing a product.

If our product was aimed at parents for example, what about a campaign around the words, thoughts and feeling that came to mind on the first time their child spoke, took their first steps or their first day of school. An estate agents couldfocus a campaign around customers sharing photos or thoughts on the home where you grew up.

By thinking first of how social media can be used to connect to the target audience to their sense of community, our marketing campaigns can have far greater, more lasting effects.

What community do you feel connected to?


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