How do I get Instagram verified in 2021?

I’ve been asked this question a few times over the last few weeks. Like often happens with social media, an answer to a question one week might change entirely the next.

Here’s the rundown of what exactly Instagram are looking for, the process and what you need to do to become instagram verified in 2020.

You’ll be very aware of what verification looks like. The verified badge is a check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search and on the profile. Basically just means that Instagram have confirmed that an account is the authentic profile of a public figure, celebrity or brand. There seems to be a number of suggestions on how to speed up the process of getting verification, here are what the process entails.

Should I pay to get verified?

The legitimacy of sites claiming to offer verification leaves something to be desired. Especially ones that mention things like a 70% chance of acceptance.

After doing some digging, a few have tried to contact people at Instagram that have access to get a verification tick. The general consensus seems to be that there are a few with friends or themselves work at Facebook/Instagram that have their own side hustle of charging for verification, often taking a cut through these third party sites.

Instagram supposedly have cracked down on employees getting their friends verified, but it does seem like it is still taking place in some cases.

Mashable shared an interesting article a few years ago on the subject. They shared:

Here’s a step-by-step process of how it works, according to one source who has sold verification and corroborated by two other sources who have bought it: 

1. There’s usually an employee at Facebook/Instagram who is willing to take a bribe or just be a friend. A middleman will be the seller.

2. The middleman receives cash, which may or may not be split with the Facebook/Instagram employee.

3. The friend at Facebook/Instagram submits a verification request and crosses their fingers it gets approved.

Mashable: Inside the black market where people pay thousands of dollars for Instagram verification

It seems highly likely this is still taking place, maybe not on the same scale as it was. The major risk of course with these processes is that there is no way of getting your money back if they cannot deliver the promise of verification, which might end up being more often than not.

How to get verified yourself

Good news! Instagram now allow you to submit your own request for verification in app via the settings page. Before you do, it’s worth noting that there are a few things you need to make sure your account is eligible. To do that, it helps to know what the criteria for this is.

Instagram offer 4 main topic areas in which they review your account to make a decision on if you should be verified.

Authenticity: How authentic is your account? Make sure your account represents a real person, registered business or entity.

Uniqueness: Is your account the unique presence of the person or business it represents? You can only verify one account per person or business. The only exception to this is with exceptions for language-specific accounts. Instagram won’t verify general interest accounts (example: @catmemes).

Completeness: How complete is your account? Make sure your account is public and has a bio, profile photo & at least one image/video post. If you profile has “add me” links to other social media channels, it won’t pass the verification test.

Notoriety: Is your account notable enough? Before you submit, make sure that you feel like you represent or are a well-known enough person, brand or entity. Instagram give extra credit to accounts that are featured in multiple news sources. However, they won’t include paid or promotional content as sources of notability to the review process.

If you’re happy that your account falls under those 4 categories, here’s how to request a verified badge 👇

1. Go to your profile and tap the top right.

Profile: How to get verified on Instagram. Tom Paisley on Instagram.

2. Tap Settings.

Settings. How to get verified on Instagram. Tom Paisley on Instagram.

3. Tap Account.

Account. How to get verified on Instagram. Tom Paisley on Instagram.

4. Tap Request verification.

Request Verification. How to get verified on Instagram. Tom Paisley on Instagram.

5. Fill in the form & attach a form of ID (Government issued).

Verification form. How to get verified on Instagram. Tom Paisley on Instagram.

They do also give a strict warning in their guidance notes in regards to the circumstances in which they will take away your verification & potentially delete your account. Beware!

Keep in mind that if you provide false or misleading information during the verification process, we will remove your verified badge and may take additional action to delete your account.

Keep in mind that Instagram can remove verified badges at any time, and may take away your badge or disable your account if you:
– Advertise, transfer or sell your verified badge.
– Use your profile picture, bio or name section to promote other services.
– Attempt to verify your account through a third party.

Instagram guidelines

How long does the Instagram review take?

There isn’t a set time frame for this to take place. After Instagram review your request, they send you a notification letting you know if your account has been verified or not. This often doesn’t happen straight away & may take a while so keep an eye out in your notifications and emails over the following weeks after giving your request.

There is good news even if you are denied. You can re-submit a new request 30 days after your first. This gives you time to work bringing your account up to the standard needed for verification.

Whether you choose to take the gamble of buying your verification badge, or crafting your own content and submitting your own request one thing is sure: Instagram verification has become an economy of it’s own and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There aren’t any quick wins.

Who knew fame could be so difficult to hack?


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