7 energy saving recipes that will change your cooking forever

Picture the scene.

You come home after a tiresome day from work. Your commute home was dreadful. The armpit in your face at Waterloo was unwelcome.

When you get home the last thing you want to do is cook but you’re starving and you’ve challenged yourself to stop eating takeaway.

What do you do?

Often, when tired and hungry we cook food that we don’t have to think about & could cook on autopilot. What we don’t take into account is how much energy is used when we cook our meals. Over time, that could cost us on our energy bills.

We’ve put a list of 7 tasty energy saving recipes that not only will save you on your gas & electricity bill, but are healthy and won’t leave you in the dreaded food coma of regret.

1. Healthy Noodle Soup

Everyone loves a good soup especially on as winter is coming… Keep warm and your insides healthy with this easy to make soup recipe.

2. One-pot easy roast chicken

Because no one likes to wash up. Why bother with using 6 pans when you can use 1? Get all your roasting needs with half the effort. Winner winner.

3. Scottish Salmon Macaroni Cheese

Salmon? Good. Macaroni? Good. Cheese? GOOD. Nothing says contentment like melted cheese. Easy on the eyes AND the stomach.

4. Turkey Flatbread

Who says Turkey is just for Christmas time? Easily interchangeable with recipe 2, use your left over turkey (or chicken) and put into this wonderful flatbread creation.

5. Chocolatey Microwave flapjacks

Cooking does count if you use your microwave, we’ve checked. Why not treat yourself after all of your energy saving recipes with chocolatey goodness?

6. Feta and spinach steamed buns

Feta and Spinach aren’t seen as the most glamorous additions to your weekly shop but this recipe may change that.

7. (October) Christmas Pudding

Treat yo self. Yes it’s October but Christmas pudding tastes good at anytime of the year.

Hopefully the above tips will keep you full and give you a few more creative recipes to add to your food library.

Over spending on your energy bills can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know what you’ve been spending! Getting yourself a smart meter will help you see what you’ve been spending in real-time. Helpful if you want to avoid nasty surprises in the post!