How to get to Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

I took this shot of Civita di Bagnoregio while visiting Italy in May 2015. I’d be lying if I said it was easy to get, to but the views are worth every bead of sweat expelled.

What and where is Civita di Bagnoregio?

Civita di Bagnoregio is a town in the Province of Viterbo in central Italy, a frazione of the comune of Bagnoregio, 1 kilometre east from it. It is about 120 kilometres north of Rome. – Wikipedia

I stayed for a night in the centre of the village in the tiniest B&B called Trattoria Antico forno also known as Civita B&B. Probably one the the smallest places you could ever stay in but it only has 3 rooms and a lot of charm to add to the lack of elbow room.

I’d recommend you stay for dinner. The food here is incredible as can be backed up from the list of Trip Advisor recommendations.

How to get there:

The best way to get there is get a public train to Oviedo. There’s a shop connected to the station where you can purchase a bus ticket to Bagnoregio. Depending on your level of understanding of the Italian language, or comprehension of broken english, the shopkeeper  will explain to you the latest times for the buses to Bagnoregio, or at least what bus to get and where from (located outside of the station). You’ll have to get a bus which depending on the time of the day may be filled with school kids. Don’t let that put you off, its worth the 30-45 minute bus ride along the mountains until you reach Bagnoregio.

From there, you’ll have to walk (and it is a walk…) down to Civita which can be a struggle especially if you’re carrying bags! There are plenty of viewing areas and a bar / restaurant at the start of the walk for you to refresh yourself & prep for accent.

This shot was taken around 5.15 am when the sun rises. Your best bet is heading over to the far side of the village and sitting on the side wall to get a shot of the sun rising. Then head over to the bridge end and sitting on the middle of the bridge and waiting for the sun to catch up over the top of the village. Incredible views ensue.

P.s Side note but also worth visiting in the middle of the night. You can hear wolves from the forest below howling and it looks just as pretty at night with spotlights guiding you home.


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