Avengers: Infinity War – Spoilers and Theories

[This contains major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War]

First things first, the Russo brothers lied to us.

Russo brothers said ‘the films names just don’t work with part 1 and part 2 in them.’ Thus the names were changed to Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers 4 [yet unrevealed title].

“Our approach has always been … we look at the process, as with Marcus and McFeely, it’s simply the same thing in the way that The Winter Soldier relates to Civil War, and the way that Civil War relates to Infinity War. These two movies will also relate. There’s a narrative thread that is connecting these films, but at the same time, there’s an independence in terms of what the experience is or where the story goes. It isn’t a true two-parter, and I think the two-parter concept came back when Marvel decided they were going to culminate the MCU, it was going to be a two-movie deal. But as we developed the movie, in execution, it ended up being more of two singular expressions. And I think that just what happened.”

Lies. This is a 2 parter in every way. Here’s my take on major talking points from the film and what on earth could happen next.

Thanos clicking his fingers


Disney/Marvel kicked it up a notch with this movie with ALOT of deaths. All of the marketing from the trailers hinted towards a Cap/Nomad or Tony Stark death, lead the focus on the ‘I hope they remember you’ line and ‘the end is here‘. You got the sense too that Loki’s run in the MCU had run it’s course, so his death wasn’t as much of a surprise.

Most shocking was the death of Gomora and how important that scene was building up the character of Thanos. The tears of his sacrifice showed in his own way he really loved her from infancy.

Then add to that the shocking final moments mirroring the comics. Bucky gone, Spider-Man gone, Star Lord gone, Black Panther gone. Doctor Strange, Nick Fury (more on him later), Teenage Groot, Falcon. All dust. Where will they go with this? Black Panther, Spiderman, Doctor Strange and Guardians have planned sequels in production so these ‘deaths’ can’t be permanent.


The click of Thanos fingers is more of a nod to the comics rather than a pull straight from it. He used it in the comic not as a cliffhanger, culmination point, nor even the most pivotal event in the story. Eliminating half of all life wasn’t Thanos’ goal in the comic as it is in the movie, rather a way to impress the woman he loved. The sudden disappearance of half of the living beings in the universe was the act that motivated Earth’s remaining Avengers, and later the cosmic beings of the Marvel Universe, to assemble against Thanos.

The final scene in the film with Thanos sitting looking at his ‘paradise’ of perfect balance in the universe hints that this is more of a permanent setting. But what is the resolution?


The post credit scene that we waited oh so long for hinted at a potential big role for Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel character. Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill’s final scene before being erased was to set off some sort of pager with the symbol of Captain Marvel. Her film coming out in 2019, will be set in the 90s and according to the director Feige, is going to be a “unique and inspiring” origin story and will feature a young Nick Fury who still has both eyes. And it will feature the war between the Kree & the Skrulls.

Infinity War: Captain Marvel

Will Captain Marvel have a major role in Avengers 4?

Also, he mentioned that this version of the character will be more powerful than any character introduced to the Marvel roster so far. As the film is set in the 90s, it’s likely that it will explain where she has been and why she wasn’t contacted before in Avengers outings or even mentioned by any other characters.

More on the character from Marvel Wiki: Who is Captain Marvel?


Most of the characters killed, can’t have sustained deaths for future movies. In some way, they’ll have to come back to life to some degree. But there will be a cost and likely a big sacrifice.

My theory for Avengers 4 is that the remaining core characters, CAP/Nomad and Tony Stark will sacrifice their own lives to bring back the dead, using Captain Marvel to do so.

Dr Strange said he had seen all 4M versions of outcomes against Thanos using the time stone. He also mentioned that he would never give up a stone to save a life, hinting at the fact he knew Tony Stark needed to be alive and Thanos needed to have all of the stones in order to truly succeed.

I also think that the ‘dead’ are actually on an alternative universe or plane (perhaps tied to the quantum realm from Ant-Man) that Dr Strange will be able to harness control in and out of to communicate with the current, alive Avengers.

The events of Captain Marvel and the Skrulls (who are brilliant spies and cloners) will reveal major twists that current characters/beings on earth have been Skrull clones for a long time. Thanos having accomplished his will for the universe will have the infinity stones guarded but not in his direct possession, leading for the soul stone to somehow end up back with the deformed Red Skull gatekeeper. Cap/Nomad and Tony Stark will reconcile and sacrifice themselves in someway to bring back the soul stone to be wielded by Captain Marvel/Carol Denvers, the only character powerful enough to wield the stone.

The comics change with what the souls stones full power actually is but roughly it “Allows the user to control others “souls” both living and dead. Soul Stone users have previously trapped souls in another plane and brought dead people back to life“.

Using this to find the characters lost, Captain Marvel will bring them back allowing them to avenge Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark in a rallying battle against Thanos. During an impending battle, I see Thor having the time stone used against him. As Asgardians get more powerful with age, he uses this to ultimately defeat Thanos and destroy the infinity stones but at the cost of his own life.

This leaves Captain Marvel as the only remaining ‘over powered’ Avenger to lead earths mightiest heroes against future attacks.


  • How does the Ant-Man & the Wasp movie tie into this with the pending wipe out of half of the universe? Does Ghost (the main protagonist) play a role?
  • Where was/is Captain Marvel during the events of the film?
  • Which characters will come back and which are dead for good?

The mystery continues. Until Avengers 4!


  • Ant-Man & The Wasp release date: Jul 6, 2018
  • Captain Marvel release date: Mar 8, 2019
  • The Avengers 4 / Untitled Avengers Movie release date: May 3, 2019
  • Untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel release date: Jul 5, 2019

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